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Look at this new technology and how it can help improve your health.

Look at this new technology and how it can help improve your health.

Do you have amalgam fillings (the silver ones)? Or did your mother?

You could have high heavy metals as these fillings can leak toxic substances like mercury into the body. Mercury could still be an issue even if you have had your amalgam fillings removed as the mercury can be stored in your body. Mercury can be passed onto a child from the mother during pregnancy.

Mercury is toxic to our body and pushes out some of our very important minerals zinc, iodine and selenium. These minerals are extremely important for many functions in the body. If you have low zinc you may have concentration issues, a foggy head, poor immunity, twitches or digestive issues. If you have low iodine you may have hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, hair loss, dry skin or hair, cold intolerance or muscle loss; even though your bloods are in normal range. And low selenium can cause thyroid issues; selenium is also needed for the creation of glutathione peroxidase which is believed to help prevent cancerous cell changes in your body.

Once the mineral deficiencies and heavy metals have been identified then, here at The Naturopathic Clinic we will work with you to increase your minerals levels and decrease the toxic metals so that you can regain your health.Read more

Gastrointestinal issues

We brought Sam to see Jenny as for the whole four years of his life he had suffered from gastrointestinal issues. Over this period we had spend a fortune on treatment including private medical specialist and various natural therapies.

Since Sam began treatment with Jenny, his family and kindy teachers have all noticed a change in his personality. He has become a much happier confident child.

Using QRA Jenny was able to identify the weaknesses in Sam's system and provide supplements that really work to treat these. She has also provided us with hope that there is a path we can work through to identify the foods that cause his condition to flare us, meaning we finally have hope that we may be able to cure him completely.